Designed for the upcoming Studio SHISAN, the logo utilizes the positive and negative spaces as well as using restricted minimal design elements. As instructed, the logo exhibits a serif typeface while evoking a modern look. Based off the Japanese kanji, 四山 (Sino-Japanese pronounciation; shisan, four mountains), the positive spaces creates the character “four,” as well as four towering pillars. While the negative space creates the illusion of the character “mountain,” as seen between the pillars. 

Studio SHISAN was founded in 2017, April 3rd by Mitsuki YAMAZAKI, Takashi NOYAMA, Ryusuke YAMADA, and Royce BRUNELL. Royce lives in Yamagata, Japan. 

As requested, Studio SHISAN wanted an animated logo that shows a minimalistic design and a sense of logistics. 
Final animated logo, Option-1b: Logistic

Below are the remaining proposed options for the animated logo. Option-2b: Radial and Option-3b: Slash

Thanks for watching & Special Thanks to Studio SHISAN.

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